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Supervision and Statistics
  1. RULEBOOK on the minimum standards for calculation of technical provisions
  2. RULEBOOK on the detailed content of the certificate of the authorized actuary
  3. RULEBOOK on the Rules of the Actuarial Profession
  4. RULEBOOK on the Types and Characteristics of the Assets Covering the Technical Provisions and the Assets Covering the Mathematical Provisions, and on the Detailed Placement and Limitation of Such Investments and their Valuation
  5. RULEBOOK on the Types and Descriptions of Items To Be Considered when Calculating the Capital of the Insurance and/or Reinsurance Undertaking
  6. RULEBOOK on the Handling Procedure for Complaints  Submitted to the Insurance Supervision Agency by the Insured, by Insurance Beneficiaries or by Third Injured Parties
  7. RULEBOOK on the minimum standards of the information systems of the insurance undertakings
  8. RULEBOOK on the Calculation Method for the Liquidity Ratio and the Minimum Liquidity
  9. RULEBOOK on the minimum contents of records and the manner of reporting, reserving and liquidating the claims by the insurance companies
  10. RULEBOOK on the Contents of Regular Notifications that Insurance and/or Reinsurance Undertakings and Other Persons Submit to the Insurance Supervision Agency Pursuant to the Law on Insurance Supervision
  11. RULEBOOK on calculating the required solvency margin of insurance and/or reinsurance undertakings
  12. RULEBOOK on the form, content and manner of keeping registers of insurance agents and insurance brokers by insurance companies, insurance brokerage companies and insurance agencies
  13. RULEBOOK on the adequacy of the reinsurance coverage, the method for calculating the amount of maximum coverage of the insurance company in the maximum coverage table and the method for calculating the maximum possible damage
  14. RULEBOOK on the statistical insurance standards of insurance and/or reinsurance companies
  15. RULEBOOK on the manner and procedure for collection and transfer of the premium collected by the insurance brokerage companies
  16. RULEBOOK on the basic procedures, rules and methods for carrying out insurance supervision
  17. RULEBOOK on the content of the reports submitted by the insurance agencies, insurance brokerage companies and banks to the Insurance Supervision Agency and the deadlines and manner of submission


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