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13 December 2019 at 15:45 hours.


On the basis of last year's positive experience, the Insurance Supervision Agency (ASO) in cooperation with SC XPRIMM International SRL, Bucharest, Romania, decided to organize a regional actuarial conference this year. In this way, we are working at the same time on the intention  this conference to become a regular annual conference.

The conference will be held on February 28, 2019, at the Marriott Hotel, Skopje starting at 9:30 am and will be dedicated to the concept of Inclusive insurance, which means access and use of appropriate and acceptable insurance products for insufficiently accessible clients, with special emphasis on vulnerable categories of citizens, the priority given to the low-income citizens.  Inclusive insurance involves the use of simple insurance products that encourage confidence and transparency in insurance, usually with lower insured sums and innovative distribution methods.

The target group of visitors at the conference are not only actuaries, but also a wider range of participants from the insurance community, representatives of pension companies and policy makers in the country and abroad, because the work of actuators is becoming more complex and should have a central place in organizational structure of the insurance companies.

SC XPRIMM International SRL has been promoted in the past as a quality institution that monitors the development and trends in insurance, with particular emphasis on the countries of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It announces regular coverage events from the insurance sector for all countries, followed by regular quarterly statistics and annual country profiles.

Please see more details about the conference available on the following link



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